“A project is executed by people who solve problems and not by rigid contracts that usually create them, thus a fully committed personal involvement by people who are capable of understanding and making well thought decisions is a must. Calculated risks balanced by clear and understandable mitigation procedures are unavoidable in any investment that promises attractive returns and long term benefits”.



“To help make an entity become better by renewing it in such a way that it operates in a more effective manner, with a better use of technology, and a higher potential for excellence, without having it grow or produce new products to operate with higher throughput, better efficiency, less waste and making better use of raw materials. It makes a working entity become a better thing with minimal change and investment”.



“Set of activities that will make an existing entity evolve from its current state to one of greater importance and relevance in the industry, to increase its strength. To implement new products, technologies and grow in new markets. To increase influence within a specific market”.


The Team

Eric R. Butcher Former Director of Financed Projects of the Mexican National Utility CFE, Technical Sub-director of the SICARTSA greenfield iron and steel plant , has developed investment projects in America since 1970 including conventional, gas fired, coal fired, hydro, geothermal and waste gas fired power plants, major transmission lines, power substations and most types of industrial and commercial basic infrastructure projects from concept to commercial operation over the last 45 years. Life Member of the ASME, holds a BSc degree in Mechanical Electrical engineering from the Univ. of Veracruz Mexico has worked since 2001 in Europe in Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK and Africa. Has operated in projects in America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Marcelino García Riera With over 30 years of experience in the development, sales and project management of power generation equipment and projects worldwide. Former International Sales Director of Capital Goods of the Instituto Nacional de Industria (Spain), Managing Director and International Sales Director for Foster Wheeler Energia (Spain) in America, based in Mexico, Managing Director and Partner at Structured Trade International (Madrid) and General Manager of Cartago International Projects (Madrid). Holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters Degree in Energy technologies from the Escuela Superior de Ingenieros Industriales (Spain) and a Masters in Marketing and Management from IESSE (Madrid). Has operated and developed projects in America, Europe and Asia.
Joerg Kalt Former executive of Alstom Power, with over 45 years experience in power generation projects in all aspects of greenfield and existing project execution, including sales, financing, turn-key project oversight, and  maintenance services. Previously the Senior Project Manager for International Consulting Mandates at The Energy Consulting Group in Switzerland .Holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from  the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich,(ETH). Has worked in Europe, America and Africa overseeing and managing successful power projects of all types. Has developed, overseen, and managed power generation projects, in all the relevant aspects, in America, Europe, Africa and worldwide.
Gunnlaugur Erlendson Formerly an attorney in New York State as well as a solicitor in England & Wales, with degrees from the University of Iceland, the Catholic University Leuven and a Masters in Corporate Law from New York University. Has extensive in-depth knowledge, and  more than 15 years transactional experience in dealing with major international banks, law firms, sourcing innovative opportunities and creative solutions in private equity, venture capital and new project development. In particular has been a founder and partner several legal entities and family offices, and has participated actively in developing and fundraising successful investment projects around the world.